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Standby and Hibernation


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XPpro/SP3/IE7 I find that when Standby is activated computer shuts down OK, but will never re-open leaving a black screen from which there is no escape other than a "hard" shut down with disconnection from the mains supply

Hibernation, on the other hand, works completely normally and asks to sign in as is usual

Motherboard M3N-HT with AMD quad CPU

I have not tried this in Vista Ultimate 32 or 64 bit

Anyone know why this is happening?

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IN BIOS the "Oower" page with Advanced configuration and Power Interface is set to the default "S1&S3" I have tried either S1 or S3 alone and neither made any difference to Standby.

I believe there is something in SP3 which causes the problem as I recall in the days pf SP2 there was no such problem

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There have been a number of fixes provided over windows update over the years relating to Resuming from Sleep/Standby so I doubt "in the days pf SP2 there was no such problem". :)

I don't have time to search for more information tonight but if one of the more knowledgeable people doesn't drop by before I read this post tomorrow I will look deeper for you.

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