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XP Pro SP3 & GPEdit


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So I reinstalled Windows after a horrible, disgusting, mind-bending experience with the USB sound driver. Long story short, problem was solved by adding a USB PCI card to the machine, booting, waiting for it to install the drivers, shutting down & removing the PCI card, then booting back up...but that's another story.

Along the way, I removed that annoying "Open File - Security Warning" dialog via gpedit.msc, then installed SP3 and started getting them again. I went to the GPE and the policy (several of them, in fact) are no longer there.

Is there another way to disable the warning?

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I found a possible solution hidden at the bottom of a experts-exchange response

To disable the warning start the Group Policy Editor (Start > Run, type

-gpedit.msc- and press OK) and go to:

-User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components >

Attachment Manager- then set -Inclusion list for low file types- to

Enabled and enter the file types you don't want to be warned about in

the box (for example: .exe).

--just an update for the windows xp sp2 and later users.

I suggest you read the link first to make sure it is definitely related to your issue but in there it states that internet explorer tacks on a warning to risky file types asking if you want to open them (one of microsoft's moves against websites trying to infect your machine by automatically and silently installing spyware).

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User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Attachment Manager
does not exist after updating to SP3.

> Windows Components > Windows Media Player


> Windows Components > Windows Update

are the only two there.

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Just checked my xp sp3 install in virtual box and it is there.

Maybe your SP3 install wasn't complete or is corrupted.


EDIT: Just searched google and found this

Right Click on Administrative templates.

When the Add Remove Templates Dialog appears, click the ADD Button.

This will bring up the Policy Templates dialog. Highlight

system.adm and click the Open button.

Click the Close button on the Templates Dialog.

Source: http://forums.techguy.org/windows-nt-2000-...sing-items.html

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