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Windows update icon not showing up in systembar [SOLVED]


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One question I could not find the answer for, although Windows Update is mentioned several times....

In my setup, XP Home made with the ini file which is enclosed, Windows Update is working but not the way I expected it to.

- Files are downloaded in background and set ready in C:\WINDOWS\system32\SoftwareDistribution\Downloads\

- When going to shutdown I get the option 'install updates and shutdown' in the shutdown menu, instead of the icon showing up in the systempart of the taskbar

I expected this had something to do with:

- Active Directory Services (groups and sources for authorised users)

- Autoupdate

- Background Intelligent Transfer (BITS)

but those are installed.

In the logfiles I see an application popup error every time just before the first windows update action:

id: 877
description (translated from dutch):
DATABASE NOT LOADED error occurred during programdatabase transaction

Any idea why the icon is not showing up; could this be the service 'alarms' or did I remove another important service?

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XP_NO, in the Unattended section of your Last Session.ini, I see no specification for Automatic Updates so I assume yours are default which is what you are seeing. Go into the Unattended window of nLite, Automatic Updates tab and select the option you want. Enjoy, John.

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Hi Johnhc;

I did not even know there was an option for auto-update, because it is under auto install, a tab I did not use till now...

Thanks for mentioning, I will try the option to see if it will solve my problem (which I guess will do ;) )

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