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vista boot time problem


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first of all i'd like to say hello to all.and now let's get to my problem.i recently bought myself a laptop,installed vista ultimate on it and noticed there's a problem when the windows boots.it usually takes 3,4 or even 5 minutes to boot and i think it;s unusual (the laptop has a t5800 core 2 duo 2 ghz processor and 4 gb of ram).what could be the cause of this?i mean i'm no expert but i don;t think it should take that long.i tried windows xp and boots faster but i'd like to stick to vista ultimate.if any of you could help me with some answers i'd really appreciate it.

thanks & have a nice day!

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A little more information might be helpful, but you're right. A system shouldn't need more than a minute at most to be fully booted up and ready to surf the internet, and even that can seem like a long time.

It sounds like there is a lot of garbage starting up on boot. I'm also willing to bet that there is a lot of unnecessary services starting up also.

Black Viper has an excellent website that offers some suggestions about what services that are safe to shut down, and as far as msconfig goes, if you are using a program on a regular basis then it will proabaly be safe to shut off so it won't autostart with Windows, but msconfig can be tricky.

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Is your AntiVirus doing a Memory scan at boot? Check the settings for that.

Check Performance Logs and the Event Viewer to see what is said against the time stamp of start-up


well i don;t even have an antivirus cause i just installed the OS and i checked the event viewer and there are a lot of warning and stuff like that regarding the standby performance,boot performance and shutdown performance.

so what can be done?

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First let me "Ditto" the suggestion to go to Black Vipers website and get the list of Services that are SAFE to disable, or put into Manual mode.

I did this myself, then I put those Services into a batch file, so that I can shut them down easily for myself and all my customers. What would take a half hour to do manually, one service at a time, only takes about one second using the batch file.

Shutting down redundant services takes a huge load off of the CPU and ram.

Next, you really need to be aware that the little 2.5" hard drive in a laptop runs much slower and transfers data MUCH slower than the 3.5" drive in a desktop PC.

So, taking as much work OFF of the hard drive as possible is very important to good performance.

I tweaked my registry, to cause Vista (or even XP) to load the Windows Kernel into ram on boot.

This one little tweak greatly improves the performance of the OS.

Then, of course, in MSCONFIG, shut down all those redundant updaters, monitors, reminders, etc.

Be careful though, on a Laptop and don't shut down your "Pointing Device" drivers, unless, you're using an external mouse. :whistle:

Then never over-load your little PC with Bloatware like Norton AV or McAfee Av programs.

A lightweight AV program like AVG 8.0 FREE will keep you safe and NOT overload your little PC.

Passive Anti-Spyware programs like Spybot Search & Destroy and Spyware Blaster are good too,

because they add a great level of protection, without having to run in the background.

I either tune up or install about one Laptop a week, all year long and a full tune-up or install takes about two hours or longer depending on the efficiency of the PC.

On the average, a well cleaned-up and tuned PC with Vista should boot up in less than a minute.

I include in that boot-up, a batch file to clean out all the basic garbage generated the last time the PC ran, and I force a new Restore Point with a little script. Shortcuts to both are located in the Program Files/Startup folder.

Those do take a few seconds to run, but greatly increase the safety and efficiency of the PC.

I guess what I'm getting at, is that making a Laptop run better, even with Vista Ultimate, isn't rocket science, but it's possible and also very poorly documented.

Good Luck and Happy Holidays!

Andromeda43 B)

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i tried the black viper's win vista sp1 "safe" service configuration and it seems like it's working :thumbup .it boots much faster now.thanks a lot for your answers and suggestions, you just made my day better :D! oh and happy holidays to you too !

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