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Windows 95 Programs in XP


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Have been using XP for a while just haven't ask for help on this subject.

I have 2 programs I bought when I used Win 95. They installed and run

fine on XP except for this:

1. The program opens and runs but the desktop window only uses about

1/2 of the screen. Since both these have a lot of graphics (photos) that

limits the size of images and text.

2. I've tried every version of Program Compatibility and I've change

the screen resolution but nothing changes. There are no corner tabs

to stretch the desktop.

3. I really like these programs and would like to be able to run them

using full screen. Any ideas?

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Any ideas?




Expanding on the given proper answer above, I have one for the moment:

why don't you post the name of those programs?

Maybe some user has them working, or maybe there is a later version avialable that works on XP.

You would take a lot of guessing work out of the equation, and probably get better answers.

Check against "I'm ill, doctor. Help!":



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Follow up to problem.

1. I have changed the screen setting both using Program Compatbility and also at the

program properties. This doesn't help.

2 The two programs are:

(1) North American Birds-Peterson Multimedia Guide by Simon & Shuster

(2) Wings Saigon to Persian Gulf by Discovery Channel Multimedia

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These are likely DOS-based apps that use VESA resolutions that aren't supported in Windows anymore (this was a common problem when XP released). You will not be able to get these full screen without using a Win9x VM inside XP (maybe under Virtual PC 2007 or VMWare). XP doesn't support odd VESA resolutions like DOS/Win9x did.

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