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Win2K Imaging Software Needed!


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I am looking for an imaging program that will give imaging functionality similar to Windows XP's imaging. What I want is something that will display images as thumbnails instead of the standard image file icon (such as you get when you look in the My Pictures folder in 2k or just any folder in XP with the "view as thumbnails" option selected) and also adds some functionality such as zoom viewing (scroll in and out to zoom in) and printing.

I am an artist by trade and I keep thousands upon thousands of photo references and digital art pieces in several different folders organized for my convenience.

I found a program called "Thumbs" that seems to work pretty well. It creates thumbnails and makes an icon for EVERY single image. It looks just like an xp thumbnail but the problem is it is extremely memory intensive when loading up one of my photo folders. Screen will actually freeze and such. This computer isn't necessarily slow either it has a decent processor and 2gigs of DDR RAM but it still slows when loading those!

I also had a program I lost after a recent reinstall that offered similar functionality to XP's imaging and a few other options (view as slideshow with transitions) and fluff I didn't need. I don't remember the name of it either.

Together with Thumbs it worked decently well but now that I have a new install I was hoping for something a little more streamlined and less memory intensive. I -could- just put everything into the "My Pictures" folder in the "My Documents" folder and use that folder's special ability to view as thumbnails but I really don't want all of my stuff in one place as I had it categorized pretty well according to usage (textures/reference/photomanip/animationobjects/etc). And it's a crapton of files to have all in one place.

If anyone could help me out that'd be awesome!

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i havent used Thumbs in 10 years. right now i'm using XnView, which i dont consider memory or CPU intensive. not only it shows images as thumbnails (of whatever size you set) but it also allows you to rename, rotate, resize, brighten, saturate, etc your pictures. one by one or in batch (mass-editing).

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Xnview is available here, I too use it on W2k:


small, fast, many formats, many languages, free.

It includes an Explorer. As this Explorer integrates better with Xnview's other functions, I prefer it to Windows' Explorer now.

For W95 (and 98-Me?) you need an older version here


1824 works, 1936 doesn't

I guess some kind of desktop.ini or folder.htt would change Windows' Explorer display style to Thumbs in the containing folder, but I didn't try since I've XnView.

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