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For a long time, especially in XP, I have been hitting the close button in the upper right of the title bar instead of the minimise button I intended to hit.

I figured out the reason for this is that the close button is red, while the minimise and window/full screen buttons are blue. The red attracts your eye, and your mouse pointer along with it!

Does anyone know of a way to change background of the buttons in Windows 9x so the minimise button would be bright yellow and close button would be red like the one in XP?

If this would lead to a similar solution for changing the background of the minimise button in XP to bright yellow, so the color scheme would be the same in both OS it would be marvelous! :thumbup

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Uberskin would be overkill. I'm real minimalist regarding eye candy :thumbdown , the kind of guy who thinks that web pages should be written in straight ASCI text, except for the diagrams or pictures necessary to the understanding of th article.....

I also try to avoid any changes to the appearance of the standard 98 shell. I will then have less problems if I am trying to assist others with solving some of their computer problems if I am used to working with what is normally provided with Windows.

:thumbup However Eppie is EXACTLY what I needed to solve the problem!!!!! There was even an individual who had created the button icons I needed, so I didn't even have to play with .bmp files!!!! If I had known how to write and had written the program myself, I could have done no better!!! :thumbup

It is simple to use and gave you the option of changing only the buttons necessary to solve that particular problem.

MUCH and MANY thanks!!!!!!!

No all I go to do is find someone who can tell me how to change the minimize button to green or yellow in XP.

Probably have to start a new thread for that.

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