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[Request] TortoiseSVN 1.5.5


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I would like to request for help in creating a nLite addon for TortoiseSVN addon for version This is an MSI installer that can be found at http://downloads.sourceforge.net/tortoises....4.msi?download.

I tried creating the addon as a CAB file myself but do not seem to be having any luck in installing it with my W2k3 installation.

The command file I use to create the CAB file is as follows:

@makecab /f TortoiseSVN.ddf

My DDF file looks like this:

.set RptFileName=nul

.set InfFileName=nul

.set MaxDiskSize=cdrom

.set CompressionType=LZX

.set CompressionMemory=21

.set DiskDirectory1=..

.set CabinetName1="TortoiseSVN.cab"

.set DestinationDir=

.set SourceDir=..\TortoiseSVN


.set DestinationDir=svcpack

.set SourceDir=.


.set SourceDir=..\TortoiseSVN\svcpack


and my entries_TortoiseSVN.ini file looks like this:





title=Subversion Client






msiexec.exe /i TortoiseSVN- /qb /norestart

I have also tried using msistub.exe instead of msiexec.exe, and have even tried using the msiexec.exe that is built into the Windows being installed, rather than providing my own copy inside the CAB file but nothing seems to work. I'd appreciate some help from the installer addon gurus out there!

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OK, can someone confirm for me that I am not doing anything blatantly wrong in creating my addon in the fashion described. :unsure:

When I was using msistub.exe (with arguments), I would get a dialog box in the middle of my install (at T-12 actually), that would make it appear that I had not supplied any arguments to msistub at all. With msiexec.exe, I see no dialog box nor any progress bar, and there is no installation either. :blink:

I have noticed that some other AddOn publishers recommend that their addons be run during the RunOnce stage, but have not been able to understand what distinguishes an addon to be a T-12 vs a RunOnce candidate. Maybe someone can explain that to me? :unsure:

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