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Universal Theme Patcher, V1.3, Build 20090101


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Project: Universal Theme Patcher

Support: Windows XP SP2 SP3/2003/2008/Vista SP1 SP2/Windows 7, All 32/64bit

Crack uxtheme, free your Windows supports 3rd party desktop msstyle themes.

It is a universal theme patcher. Without language limited, Supports all language of windows!


1, Can oprate in normal mode. Do not need to enter safe mode.

2, Choose the corresponding patcher based on you Windows:

For 32bit(x86): UniversalThemePatcher-x86.exe

For 64bit(amd64): UniversalThemePatcher-x64.exe

3, Require administrator rights, UAC turn off. Right-click the exe file, select Run as Administrator.

4, XP/2003 only need to patch one file: uxtheme.dll

2008/Vista/Windows7 need to patch 3 files: uxtheme.dll, shsvcs.dll, themeui.dll

5, After patch, Restart computer to take effect.


2009.01.01, v1.3

+ Display status of system file at program startup.

* Improvements compatibility of disable WFP function in Windows XP.




V1.3, Build 20090101


Or goto here for new version:


http://deepxw.blogspot.com (English)


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