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Multiple Vista Versions on single DVD (not a howto question)


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There is a general question that has been bothering me ever since I started my unattended Vista efforts:

a On one hand I read that every retail DVD has all Vista versions on it and that it only depends on the key; I find lots of postings here that deal with this subject

b On the other hand I see instructions of how to integrate all Versions on one DVD, which involves a time-consuming integration step into the Vista image for each version that is to be integrate

c Also, when trying to slipstream SP1 using vLite (which fails with a CabLib error, but that is maybe beside the point here), I also have to select a Vista version. I get offer all versions after my DVD has been analyzed, but still I have to choose.

I hope the vLite forum is suitable to ask the actual questions:

1. Regarding vLite: Why do I have to select a Vista Version in vLite? If I leave the default key, then I should be prompted anyway during install, right? And hotfixes, SP1, etc. should not depend on the Vista version, should they?

2. Generally: Why do you have to integrate versions explicitly as described above in b if a is true? (ok, that is a bit off-topic, but it certainly does not belong into the general Vista forum in my view).

(3. Any pointes regarding Vista multi-boot scenarios? My searches were pretty fruitless, just as those where I tried to find how to combine XP and Vista on one DVD. nLite and vLite seem to be made "just" for single installations.)

I hope for those who have been dealing with unattended Vista longer than I have, this is a simple question. And please just disregard whatever question you feel is way off-topic for the vList forum.

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Vista includes all Version on a single DVD. The are all saved as several images in a huge container file (install.wim). Because they are independent you have to select a special version and apply the updates for every version again.

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i have dell oem installer and it contains vista home basic, home premium, bussiness, and ultimate. i've delete images of 2 N from install.wim.

with vlite, i've slipstream SP1 to 4 vista above, one by one.

in vlite, you have to choose the image you want to integrate.

so i've slipstream SP1 one by one.

and i use Rebuild All at the end.

it works. now my installer vista dvd has 4 vista with SP1 integrated.

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