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Nivida Geforce 4 mx 440 se pci 64 mb


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hey am trying to play star wars republic commando

it works great but theres some textures missing like the guys are white and some other things look white

now i think its because i have pixel shadow 1.0 and the game needs 1.1

so is there any way to force 1.1 or some thing

in riva turner i cant force pixel shadow 1.1 because the box is shaded in

But i can force vertex shader 1.1

Pixel Shader

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From NVIDIA's archives:

GeForce 4 MX series > GeForce4 MX 440-SE

Windows 95: 81.98

Windows 98: 81.98

Windows ME: 81.98

Windows 2000: 93.71 WHQL or 93.81 beta

Windows XP: 93.71 WHQL or 93.81 beta

Windows Vista: no drivers available

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I used some NV18 (440MX) with the 93.xx drivers (could be the Omega versions) and got no texture problems with games, however, I did miss some transparency in some games like the windows from the cars in NFSU2. Did you play with the AGP Aperture size? I don´t think that the missing textures is a shader problem... but then, it has been some time that I played with older cards…

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If your card doesn't support the pixel shader, then get a new card.

Otherwise, see if there are some tweaks you can do to force a lower pixel shader version. Google is your friend here. Look for some tweak guides, it might contain that info.

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i want to force a higher pixel shader not lower lol

I mean force the game to lower the pixel shader to work on the card. It won't look as nice, but it will at least display.

You can't force the card to use a higher pixel shader. The hardware does not have the extensions for it.

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ya but it needs 1.1 and i think i got no pixel shader so whats lowering gonna do if i can lower it

Newer pixel shaders have more instructions. Like for specular, bump mapping... etc. If your card cannot understand, it either does not use the 'extra' instructions or skips everything altogether. In this case its skipping everything.

Lowering it will force the engine to render the textures in the older pixel shader. The textures won't look so nice, but they should display.

(not sure if i got no pixel shader or 1.0

Check the specs. Give me all the info on this card.

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