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Wireless Network from Vista to XP


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My wireless network is much faster on Vista than XP. I am using the same hardware and same XP drivers

for the wireless card. Only operating system is different.

I read Vista wireless network has a better error packet recovery. They were saying they would do something similar in XP Service Pack 3.

But, I don't see any improvement.

So, I am curious if I can copy some binaries and registry keys from Vista to XP.

Is this possible?


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If Vista is using\forcing the card to use 11G mode only while XP is using mixed mode (11G\B) then that would give a clear difference in speed.

Thank you for your response.

I don't know how to check what 802.11 is used.

I looked at the driver settings and turned off 11A and 11B support. I checked direct download speeds and XP and Vista is similar now.

Are there other things I should check like some registry keys?

Under wireless properties, there are QoS packet scheduler, IPV6/IPV4, Link Layer Topology. Do they effect the speed?


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