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OOBE Skipping

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I've made using lots of other examples as guides (even using the same answer file a few times) an autounattend.xml for my OEM Dell Vista x64 install.

I've made the changes I want and have it all setup, however no matter what I do, no matter what my answerfile is like, OOBE does not skip and wpi.hta doesn't lauch, nor do the cmd files I have setup using the sync commands.

Even though other peoples answer files are identical to mine.

I've read somewhere that its possible that its because its an OEM release.

What do I need to do, to answer and skip the OOBE and run the command files at first logon?

Can I moddify the OEMs original "sysprep", do I moddify the "oobe.xml" file in the Sources\Scripts directory

I refer to this...

Sysprep will disable the builtin administrator account (which we worked our behind off to enable in the first place without creating a new account), and copy all the changes to the default user using <copy profile>. Upon reboot, you get to answer all of the OOBE questions again and create an account, but they can be answered with another xml answer file.

What is that answer file called? Where does it go?

I've been able to work around my original issue of using a cmd file, to copy WPI from Sources\Scripts\WPI to %systemdrive%\WPI Applications, then delete the original copy in Scripts\WPI then launch WPI.hta from the directory copied to (%systemdrive%)

However the cmd file never launches, which means WPI never gets initiated and neither do a few other important scripts

Any Help Much Appriciated

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Do you use WDS for the installation or just install it with an DVD?

Because if you use WDS you use two .xml files, one called Unattended.xml and one called ImageUnattended.xml (I guess it was something like that?)

Unattended.xml that WDS use for the configuration of partition and all that, and ImageUnattended.xml that it use for skip OOBE.


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