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change user accounts screen to classic style


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I have win xp pro sp3 on a dell. I've been able to change the login screen to look like the domain popup box for login although

I lose user fast switching.

However, when I go to the control panel and select user accounts, it shows me the new windows xp graphic screen. I'd like to

switch this to the classic popup box similar to win 2k pro. Presently, my work PC popups the classic style and I don't know

how computer support did it since there are no menu selections or checkboxs that allow me to do this. I'd like to do this

on my home PC so it looks like my work PC.

Do I have to manually change something in the registry or is there something in windows I can click on?

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[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]


the above is for classic logon.

change the dword to 00000001 for XP style.

But isn't this for converting back and forth for the login prompt vs. the user accounts screen?

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Yes the control userpasswords2 command shows what my work PC does.

Here is the registery patches that I found on the internet to make the

control panel do this command vs. the default.




or on the 2nd column of the first row of the next weblink, they give a registry

patch to make the control console use "control userpasswords2" instead of the xp default.


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