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Vista x64 install file too big?

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hey all,

i used vlite too make an vista install disc with all updates before sp1, with sp1 and all the updates after sp1 until September. the install files is 5.10GB and vlite says there may be problems trying too install vista if the.wim file is bigger than 4gb. splitting the image through vlite doesnt work. how can i make the new updated vista install disc work? i wonderd if i can just burn the files using nero to a dual layer disc with certain settings may work, but hey, i have no idea what to do to make this updated install disc work!

please help...

thanks in advance

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anybody? somebody? somone must know what to do? i used my OEM Vista Ultimate x64 disc and intergrated all the pre-sp1 updates, sp1 and post sp1 updates til end september. know its over 5gb and if i burn the image to disc and boot from it, it will copy the files and then give an error. is the .wim file to big? what going on?

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When its rebuilding the image, did you select Build All?

I only rebuild vista ultimate!!!!

You could always use WAIK to split the image size into smaller pieces...

WAIK is a big download, i live in South Africa and broadband is very expensive!

Use commend:

Imagex /Split install.wim install.swm 2000

then erase the install.wim file


where do i get this ImageX? i tried splitting the image through vlite, it did split the image .wim and when i booted from disc 1 it started copying files and then trew an error. :unsure:

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