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[Release] Regshot Unicode


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Regshot Unicode (32-bit only)- For Monitoring Registry Changes


(Program & webpage are in Russian lng)

Webpage translate to English


RegshotUnicode20168_addon.cab (Set English lng as default)

Size: 302.38 Kb (309,637 bytes)

MD5: 5A042AA9610C60DBC4187AA23333F332

Note: Installed to Program files\Registry Unicode

A small demonstration on it usage:


Purpose: To disable "Copy Protect Music" in Windows Media Player using registry tweak.

In the Windows Media Player, under "Options", "Rip Music" Tab, the "Copy Protect Music" is enabled / checked by default.

Basically, any music you rip to WMA is DRM-enabled. But is rather restrictive. Hence it is better to disabled this feature.

Using Regshot Unicode, you can find where is the setting in the registry.

1) Launch Windows Media Player and go to the Options -> Rip Music Tab

2) Launch Regshot Unicode program. Take a 1st shot first (Pre-change); Select "Whole Registry"

3) In Windows Media Player, Uncheck "Copy Protect Music". Click "Ok"; Select "Whole Registry"

4) Take 2nd shot (Post-change) ;Select "Whole Registry"

5) When the next screen comes up (Select keys including to report), click "Ok"

6) Report is in html format. Scroll to the bottom page. You should have


"BackgroundScanCompleteDate"="5/25/2008 3:05:24 AM"

"BackgroundScanCompleteDate"="5/25/2008 3:06:29 AM"

"CDRecordDRM"=dword:00000001 <--- 1st shot (before changes, with "Copy Protect Music" enabled)

"CDRecordDRM"=dword:00000000 <--- 2nd shot (After changes, with "Copy Protect Music" disabled)

To test if this is the correct key to tweak, manually edit the key value back to 1. The "Copy Protect Music" should be enabled.

You can export this key for your WMP customise setting.

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