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How far can I push my Virtual Server?

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Hi all! I have a Virtual Private Server hosted by GoDaddy. It's pretty cheap, and it's not that bad at all really.

It runs Red Hat Fedora Core 7, and has:

10GB space

500GB Bandwidth

256mb ram (1GB Bursted)

Assume for a second that i'll be looking to run a blog from it, so nothing too heavy, although there will be a database obviously.

Will it survive getting dugg? Or will it die painfully and quickly?

How much can I expect from this Virtual Server before it dies? 100 views at any one time? 500? 1,000? 10,000 a week?

I have no idea at what point servers can no longer handle the strain before the page stops loading for visitors, so i'd be grateful for your opinions on this.

Ideally, i'm looking to start a blog that i'm hoping will get a fair amount of traffic in time, and i'm wondering whether my Virtual Server will suit that, or whether it will only survive say, 10,000 hits a day before it either crawls or dies etc..

Any opinions on this would be most welcome :thumbup

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it should be fine

it may slow down at times when its gets a tab low on memory : when the workload gets up there

than it will sort itself out after the work load dies downs

but really its wait and see :)

a blog shouldn't be that hard on it

if you running something is more database use .. you may know about it

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