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Vista home prem 64 size question?


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Hello all, new to the forums.

I am having some trouble getting the size down. Here is what I did.

Follwing another members advice I made a sp1 dvd and reinstalled vista. I then used Vista update downloader to see what updates I needed. I downloaded those updates. Then using a fresh vista setup I integrated those updates into an iso and burned. I then used that vista to start as foundation. I then integrated sp1. So now I have the file at 4.6GB. I made the image file. And when I try to burn it won't work I guess it is too big. So what can I do. The whole reason I started this process was because of the 4gb bug. I have 8gb and want to have a nice slipstreamed install and not have to deal with removing memory and updating sp1 etc.

I guess I could do without adding all the post sp1 hotfixes but I was hoping it would work. Forgot to mention but I did hit apply after slipstreaming sp1 and it was 4.6GB so how can I make this ISO smaller? Thanks so much in advance.

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dam ... what is in it

i think mine was like 4 GB with SP1 for vista ... in there

i got mine to like 3.5 GB

arr the only thing i can think of to make it fit onto a DVD is to remove like Windows Speech Recognition support out of it

that should free up like 800 mb or so

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Ok, I went ahead and removed several components, drivers etc, as per another users post. Well I got it to about 2.1 GB. Burned the image and installed last night. Install went smoothly, no issues. Was very quick. Installed all my drivers and have had no issues. Checked update and there were only 3 so this install is very up to date. My system runs amazingly quick with 8GB of Corsair. Thats another thing, no issues installing with 8GB. So looks like it worked beautifully. Thanks all.

It is amazing how much junk comes with the Vista install, you don't need over half of it.

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