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german-nlite .de/ .org completely down ?


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Hi everyone ! :hello:

What is happening ?

Don´t know, what struggles are behind the curtains.

The "german-nlite.de" domain was for sale until 2 hours ago, now it´s 403 (forbidden) !

The "german-nlite.org" went down 30 minutes before.

General Error

SQL ERROR [ mysql4 ]

Table 'HTO01FLAQPLY.phpbb_config' doesn't exist [1146]

An sql error occurred while fetching this page. Please contact an administrator if this problem persists.

Whatever it is :

PLEASE settle it, without inconveniance towards the members !


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Thanks for the clarification !

I´m still getting the 403 on .de.

What happened to the database, after the domain was sold ?

On .org there was a T-com ad, telling the site is under redecoration.

Now it´s up again !!! :thumbup

(this second)


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if you wanna follow this LINK you will see that .de is running as well as before.

But i have now noticed what you mean and if you take this LINK you will get to the right

Page, too.

But what the problem is, i even dont know now.

And please dont call me dadon any more. thanks.

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