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Known Part Numbers of Windows XP with SP3 CDs


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Windows XP Professional (SP3) Retail - Part No. x14-80428

Windows XP Professional N (SP3) Retail - Part No. x14-92445

Windows XP Home (SP3) Retail - Part No. x14-92413

Windows XP Home K (SP3) Retail - Part No. x14-92386

Windows XP Home KN (SP3) Retail - Part No. x14-92388

Windows XP Home N (SP3) Retail - Part No. x14-92393

Windows XP Professional (SP3) VLK/Corporate/Volume - Part No. x14-73974

Windows XP Professional KN (SP3) VLK/Corporate/Volume - Part No. x14-92432

Windows XP Professional K (SP3) VLK/Corporate/Volume - Part No. x14-92430

Windows XP Professional N (SP3) VLK/Corporate/Volume - Part No. x14-78118

Windows XP Professional (SP3) Checked Build - Part.No x14-92469

Windows XP Professional (SP3) OEM - Part No. x14-72249

Windows XP Home (SP3) OEM - Part No. x14-73422

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