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Install Office 2003/2007 with nLite?


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Well, as it sounds really. I have copies of 2003/2007, I run the setup.exe /admin bit to create an automated setup file, but then I can't get it to work by just packing the files in a folder called svchost like I normally do, and editing that .ini file that comes with them.

Can anyone help me with what to do AFTER the custom setup file has been created?

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I tried the method in the above post before making this topic, but it didn't work. I just copied all the CD files over to the svchost folder, and edited the .ini file to just execute setup.exe (having saved the MSP file in the Updates folder), but it didn't install, nor attempt to install, Office 2007 at all.

Although I should say that if I just execute the setup.exe directly, it will install Office 2007, just not when I make it into a .zip file and try to get it to install with nLite. It's worth noting that it doesn't seem to copy the files over to the installation, because adding the Office2007.zip folder (approx. 700MB) doesn't add more than a few MB onto the size of the nLite ISO.

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