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WFP Can't Find My i386


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I have my windows cabs located in C:\i386

I have the following registry settings:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup => SourcePath = "C:\" (REG_SZ)

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsfot\Windows NT\CurrentVersion SourcePath = "C:\I386" (REG_SZ)

For some reason WFP cannot find my i386 folder.

I get a WFP Window asking for my CD-ROM if I run sfc /scannow or change a protected file. If I hit retry it says I have the wrong CD.

Does anyone else have this problem with windows xp?

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Obviously you dont, because what i mean is that you could just disable the entire WFP thing, this you do by patching sfc_os.dll and enable a registry tweak. Nlite can do this.

So just forget that.. My bad, sorry.

Download JV16 from macecraft.com 30days trial is more then enough. It has nice registry tools, so you can search and it will list all its findings.

I have nlite my current install, so i cant find any paths for what you need sorry.

Here's a link to how to disable sfc, manually with hex editor

Other links that may help you Link1 Link2

From link 2 it says:

Example: SFCDllCacheDir = "C:\Winnt\System32\dllcache"

Whichi is correct, but of course it has nothing to do with windows cd-rom.

Now since i dont have WFP at all, i dont have that registry setting on my current install, so i cant tell if there's other registry keys there, that gives you what you need.

I would defintively start regedit and search for SFCDllCacheDir on your computer and see if you can find the setting you need.

I have never really used wfp/sfc, always disable/removed it, so dont know much about using it, it's always annoyed me too much.

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