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Vlite 1.2RC Questions


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hello all

my first question is why if I'm using vista SP1 as a source Vlite does Not recognize it as SP1 ( Nlite Does recognize PX sp , and state it ) it just state the version numbers etc.

my second question, I tried to create a home premium ISO file out of an ultimate ISO , everything appears ok,but the ISO file comes out as a ULTIMATE. it is not Changed in anyway to HOME Premium. as if Vlite ignore my request.

why is that ?



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rafraf, sp1 is written by default in preintegrated version string. Don't worry about that.

Ultimate ISO; is that some sort of custom ISO? Vista is usually all in one, you choose which to use. If you want to switch versions enter the proper CD key for that version or use the Skip CD-key option in Unattended options, that will enter trial key which lasts for 30 days.

And you can Apply-Rebuild to keep only the selected version.

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