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  1. It is a self made slipped vista sp1. thanx
  2. hello all my first question is why if I'm using vista SP1 as a source Vlite does Not recognize it as SP1 ( Nlite Does recognize PX sp , and state it ) it just state the version numbers etc. my second question, I tried to create a home premium ISO file out of an ultimate ISO , everything appears ok,but the ISO file comes out as a ULTIMATE. it is not Changed in anyway to HOME Premium. as if Vlite ignore my request. why is that ? thanx R
  3. i have similar problem , trying to execute vlite in safe mode reviles these details as attached in the picture any idea ?
  4. rafraf


    the iso created for a cd can not be applied on a DVD. its not compatible, (tried with Nero and others) i dont want to take anything out, if ever i want to add more to have many aplication installed as possible. but at this stage i will be setisfied if i can create an iso that will boot from dvd
  5. rafraf


    Yes you are Absolutely right , I apologize for the tone, after releasing the frastration i feel better. why when i am creating an image biger then a standart cd size i dont get any alert from Nlite ? why there is no automatic configuration to create bootablr dvd and not a cd for xp ? i am using VOL Disk of xp pro plus Mui two language install. sorry again for the stormy entrance...
  6. rafraf


    helo all so i want to install sp3 over my xp. i get an error from the setup operation ,googling it goes to dead end, meaning i cant install sp3. ok so how about i make a cd from xp and xp3 with nlite , so i can reinstall xp and choose ugrade instead ? ok , i go trying to do that. but then the image size is bigger then a cd and can only feet on a DVD Why Nlite does not help me create a WORKING BOOTable DVD WITH WINDOWS XP SP3 ?? it create a trash is file that i cant do anything with ,becasue its not working on a dvd there for can not be aplied on a dvd , making the whole spleepstreaming worthless. wake up people and make Nlite fast and easy creating AUTOMATIC BOOTABLE DVD for XP SP3.

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