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nLighted XP SP3 installation doesn't start...

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Hi Everyone!

I'm getting a new PC soon but it only comes with vista (GAH!) pre-installed, so i am installing XP (whew...) instead (I know how 'hard' it is, don't worry...). I found this app and downloaded it from the site, ready to automate some parts of the install and do some tweaking. So after an hour of tweaks and add-ons, i burnt it to disk. I was happy (not for long...). I rebooted and stuck the disk into my PC just to see if it would start up. Here's where the problem is: I see the "Setup is checking your configuration files (or whatever)" line followed by a big, nasty error. "Inf file txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missing, status 4. Setup cannot continue. Press any key to exit." Oh no! I re-installed nLight several times, re made and re burned the disk several times, and re started several times as well, on several other computers, all of which give that same stinkin' error. Followed by me snapping 6 broken XP installation cd's in half at once. When i use the original disk, everything works super fantastic.

I've searched and searched for any kind of answer, but all i seem to be able to find is status 32768... I made the disk on a Vista (GAH!) OS (can you all it an OS?)... I've tried it on a brand new pc, a crappy pc and an XP. If you guys need any more info, i'll try my best to help. Anyone know what's up with this??

BTW my txtsetup.sif file is absolutley huge (Super long and 445 kb) so i have uploaded it to my site as well as my last session.ini file if someone wants to look at them.



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