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[How to] Slipstream K8S-MX sata/raid drivers into Win XP


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Hey all,

I am using an Asus K8S-MX (SiS 760 FX & SiS 965L chipset) motherboard & a Seagate SATA disk.

As the topic title suggests I have been trying since a while to get the sata drivers slipstreamed into the Win XP disk but all in vain.

I have tried using nlite but somehow things havent worked out the way they should.

Could anyone guide me through this? I'll try to post screenshots of the different stages while using nlite. May be this'll help find out where I'm going wrong.

Comments please


Edit: Attachments added.. Screenshots

Step1 - Locating WinXP dump

Step2- Customisation options selection

Step3 - Locating driver

Step 4 - driver ready to be integrated

Step5- Processing begins






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  • 9 months later...

i tryin 6 hours :D

and finished..

use this driver..

im download asus sis sata driver and modified handly..


only sis 965L sata driver

why working?

because this driver txt mode..



d1 = "SiS Raid/IDE Driver Diskette", \SISRAID, \
d3 = "SiS Raid/IDE Driver Diskette", \SISRAID, \RAID\WIN2000
d4 = "SiS Raid/IDE Driver Diskette", \SISRAID, \RAID\WINXP


SISRAID_XP = "WinXP SiS Raid/IDE Controller"
SISRAID_2000 = "Win2000 SiS Raid/IDE Controller"

driver = d4,SiSRaid2.sys, SiSRaid2
dll = d4,Property.dll
inf = d4,SiSRaid2.inf
catalog= d4, sisraid.cat

id="PCI\VEN_1039&DEV_0182", "SiSRaid2"

driver = d3, SiSRaid2.sys, SiSRaid2
dll = d3,Property.dll
inf = d3, SiSRaid2.inf
catalog= d3, sisraid.cat

id="PCI\VEN_1039&DEV_0182", "SiSRaid2"

value = parameters\PnpInterface,"5",REG_DWORD,1

this is wrong

because this is diskette setup

this is right

disk1 = "SiS Raid/IDE Driver driver", sisraid2.sys,\


SISRAID_XP = "WinXP SiS Raid/IDE Controller"

driver = disk1,SiSRaid2.sys, SiSRaid2
dll = disk1,Property.dll
inf = disk1,SiSRaid2.inf
catalog= disk1, sisraid.cat

id="PCI\VEN_1039&DEV_0182", "SiSRaid2"

value = parameters\PnpInterface,"5",REG_DWORD,1

works fine..


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  • 3 months later...

Simply great job done :thumbup

thanx buddy i was facing the same problem with my k8s-mx m/b :( and after many tries i could not find the right solution but with your help i can get rid of this problem

thanx alooooooooot :thumbup :thumbup

Hat off 2 u :yes: :yes:

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  • 3 weeks later...
Picture 4 shows that you integrate it as PnP; you should integrate it in text mode (TXT); and if you integrate other drivers, make sure the SATA driver is the last to get integrated.

That's all there is to it.

Exactly :D

I hae never had an issue with adding SATA drivers to the TEXTMODE part!

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