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More of a suggestion to Microsoft than a forum discussion, but nowhere else I could put it:

Why is Vista's Task Manager (as in ctrl+alt+del > Task Manager) so much worse than the XP version? eg XP's had auto-refresh, and actually does show apps that are running in the background (I know this from using XP SP2 for the last few years, got a new Vista PC in Nov 07), but with Vista's you have to keep pressing F5 to refresh when you've done something, and I know that a program is running, even though it doesn't appear on Task Manager. Can anyone else verify this, or is it just with my PC (which is pretty slow)?

--EDIT: Actually, it might just be so in Home Premium... but the question still stands.

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(as in ctrl+alt+del > Task Manager)

Try ctrl+shift+escape. That's the key combo for it.

Why is Vista's Task Manager so much worse than the XP version?

It's actually MUCH nicer IMO. The services tab is extremely handy to start/stop/restart something, the performance tab is also a lot nicer. Although sometimes I do replace it with Process Explorer (it's nicer for process infos, but it lacks things like the services tab)

The task manager still auto-refreshes, nothing's changed at all there. Columns change, new tasks opening get added, etc -- no pressing F5 required.

If you're missing some processes (especially background ones), just put a check mark in "Show processes from all users" at the bottom.

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As others have pointed out, it does auto refresh and you have to click 'Show Processes From All Users' to see background stuff. While it's an extra click, it's a good idea that it's there as most users really don't care nor understand background processes.

I'm also glad less things are hiding behind SVCHosts.EXE processes and I'd love to see all of them available in a tree like format.

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