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Anytime upgrade disc question


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Yes and yes.

All Vista install disks from Microsoft (OEM, Retail, Upgrade, and when they made them, Anytime Upgrade) contain all versions of Vista. It's the key you enter when installing Vista that determines what OS you are licensed to operate.

Install disks from Royalty OEM's like Dell, HP, Toshiba, etc., may or may not have all versions, or they may need some cleansing to install a version other than the disk's default.

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I have to say no to TOSHIBA upgrade DVD. Because when we making the upgrade DVD for the TOSHIBA models, It is customized and can not be used on other model.

If you trying to use it on other brand. Of course it won't work.

So basically, if you get anything directly from Microsoft. It is fully support. But from OEM company. No.

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