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Unofficial IE updates for Windows 9X


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Now that my "mouse" problem is cleared up, I'd like to know if anyone is still modifying IE security updates to work with Windows 9X systems? I have a few that were produced many months ago, but I can't recall where I got them from.

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Yeah. Just see the sticky posts in the 9x Member Projects sub-forum. One for all the latest updates, one for the Auto-Patcher, and there's a thread for Maximus-Decim's latest Internet Explorer combined update pack as well. Lots of choices.

Be careful using the latest if you use ZoneAlarm. The new IE Cumulative updates make the older 9x compatible ZoneAlarm versions cut off the internet connection. They only fixed it in the latest XP/Vista version of ZoneAlarm.

The really old ZoneAlarm 4.5 series doesn't suffer from the problem. And if you use a different firewall then I don't think you get the problem either.

I used Auto-Patcher and haven't updated the Internet Explorer Cumulative Update (the one that causes the ZoneAlarm problem) to any newer versions than Auto-Patcher comes with.

These guys take the Internet Explorer 6 SP 1 Cumulative updates meant for Windows 2000 and adapt them to install on 9x systems.

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