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Windows XP Infinite Reboot Loops and Page File


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I have just been informed by a co-worker that XP Reboots constantly with this BAD POOL CALLER error due to being memory related might be caused by Windows XP trying to create the Paging File. My Windows XP Partition is only 4 gig off which XP runs just fine. I have 2 GB Ram, and the Paging File size according to Microsoft should be DOUBLE your memory. This could conflict with Windows trying to set the paging File, and then restarting the computer, over and over again. By some chance, I was able to Install XP and it automatically put the Paging File on the next drive with more available space.

Is there some way to Disable the Paging File during Install, then going back and manually setting this option?

I am hoping our friends here can help me fix this with some sort of a patch for the DLL file responsible for this so that I can Install XP, then go and change the Pagefile Settings to what I prefer. Minimum 768 and Max 1024 which has worked for me without any problems for years.

Thank you!

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If you can boot to safe mode you can change your page file settings, both drive and size. With 2gb of memory a 4gb swap file s overkill.

I used to run XP in 2GB with NO page file. All games including Crysis worked perfectly, Photoshop worked perfectly, VirtualDub worked perfectly. The only time you would need a page file with 2GB RAM in XP would be editing ultra-high resolution photos or editing big videos.

Your co-worker's problem has nothing to do with the page file. It's simply bad RAM.

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This particular problem has me quite scrambled as I don't really understand it. I requested a friend of mine in IT to send me his version of XP Pro via FedEx and it came today. I installed it. It comes with IE7 and other Microsoft stuff including Alexa which I will manually get rid of. But it installed Flawlessly on my Compaq Presario SR5350F while my original XP Pro I bought in 2001 fails during the install along with my backup copy. Also I am unable to buy a brand new XP now so I'm using this copy from my friend with my own license and it seems to have worked. I am still boggled by the fact that it is a gamble to install XP with Service Pack 3 or to update XP to SP3. A lot of my NLite creations did not work except 1. I made 30 installations in total looking back at all my wasted CD-Rs. So definitely this is a bug which can sometimes appear. I believe Microsoft is playing dirty here for some reason and XP refuses to install customized. Rather they want you to use IE7, Alexa and other stuff that comes with it. This push for Vista is entirely unnecessary when a lot of us can simply do our jobs with what we are familiar with. I have nothing against Vista but XP and Office 2003 cost money and get the job done, so why move onto something that may or may not work?

Thanks for posting guys. Have a great one. Best of luck with Windows XP and Service Pack 3. If anyone has any problems, please be sure to ask me as I have struggled quite a bit and have learned a few things in the process. In the end, as a customer, it is our responsibility to let the vendor know what we want or don't want since it is our hard earned money and we expect these things to work. 75% success rate is quite low for a service pack according to what I have heard. It should be closer to 95%.

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