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Help Modifying Litetouch Options

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Hi, I apologize in advance if this has already been addressed (probably has) but I couldn't find the proper verbiage to search for.

Basically, I create the LAB deployment point (Distribution$) and then I generate the litetouch WIM and boot to it.

Everything is cool. It is already pointing to "\\server\distribution$" etc and the user is ready to go.

When I create any other deployment points such as NETWORK, etc, I don't get the same result.

When I boot to the litetouch WIM, it forces the user to enter the deployment point and defaults to: "x:\boot" or something along those lines (I don't have the screen in front of me).

My question:

How/where can I configure that info so it's pre-populated with the proper target. Taking it a step further, can I also pre-answer some of the other questions further so the user won't have to decide between domain & workgroup, admin credentials, and possibly even pre-populating the OU.

Thanks a million!

- Seth

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