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Vista x64 and Nvidia


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I have a new laptop that originally comes with Vista Premium x86 (LG/T8100/Nvidia 8600/4GB ram), and everything is working fine.

I've install Vista Premium x64, and for some reason I cannot install the Nvidia drivers. The default driver that Windows chooses is a standard vga, and when I run the Nvidia x64 driver installer it tells me that it could not find any compatible hardware.

Any ideas?


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I've had similar issues last time I tried some new drivers for my 8500GT. A couple downloads would say something like "no supported hardware" too. I had to use another version (latest one from guru3d.com iirc), which worked fine. Maybe it's something to do with their installer, haven't bothered looking into it more, I thought it was an isolated case.

Those were x86 drivers though...

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nVidia and ATI both have their downloadable drivers 'tweaked' not to work with laptops. I've never understood why, as they would otherwise work fine.

The laptopvideo2go site has the hacked INF files needed to get the regular drivers to install, or see if your laptop maker has Vista x64 drivers of their own they recommend.

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Problem solved: Downloaded and exctracted the latest x64 drivers from Nvidia and extract them. Next, went to device manager->vga adapter and selected update drivers, search manually for a driver and unselect the "show only compatible drivers". This allowed me to manually select the drivers. Windows complain that the driver may not be suitable but installs them anyway. After installation everything is working fine and windows index rating went up.

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