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"Make sure you typed the name correctly"


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I have just reviewed my sig and it is as up to date as possible.

I keep getting this message:

Title bar: Explorer.EXE

Red dot with white "X" Windows cannot find". Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

Usually the program will have started with the above message displayed over the program. Even when using the Control Panel and clicking on a feature, not all of them, Example: Personalization will produce this message. There have been others but cannot find them at this time.

Any ideas? Being new to WinXP SP2 and then trusting me into this system is a little bit of a shock. NOT a programmer nor any other type of cute little named user. I call myself a "KeyBoardJockey" and feel that I know enough to keep me out of most troubles, have already experienced a BSOD with Vista and do NOT want that again, it flashed on the screen and then went away without having learned what the ERROR message was. Did the "R" (Repair) using the OEM DVD and was told there was nothing to repair, so I did a restore from about three days prior that fixed whatever I had done. Have not gone back into that area at least for a few more days, months, years, or even maybe a couple of LIFETIMES, maybe,

Thank you for reading my Poster Toastie, I await your return,

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