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Another question (install screen)

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Ok, so I want to make a custom installer for windows (when installing windows, differnt background color and window color). I know you have to edit SPWIZIMG.DLL in the sources directory, I have edited the file and the background hasnt changed.Is there another file I have to edit? ( I have edited the one in the support>migwiz folder and in the sources folder, and in install.wim. Is there anything I missed?

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I have worked out that you need to change only 5 screens to change the background on install.

The files and there whereabouts are as follows.

1/ Boot.wim windows/system32/winpe

2/ Boot.wim sources/spwizimg-image 517

3/ Insall.wim windows/system32/spwizimg-image 517

4/ Insall.wim windows/system32/oobe/ image-msoobe

5/ Insall.wim windows/system32/oobe/OOBEResources RC Data OOBE_BAKGROUND_0 & OOBE_BAKGROUND_LARGE_0

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