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"Setup Look" Options grayed out?


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I just uninstalled nLite 1.4.1 and installed nLite 1.4.8.

I went through nLite, slipstreamed XP SP3 and configured the unattended settings.

When I reached the "Options" section, I went down to "Setup Look" but both options ("Black Background" and "Classic") are both grayed out and say "No".

I've seen this before with other versions of nLite that I've used but I can't figure out what causes it or how to fix it. I know that you can use them because I've changed them before with the same install disk files and the same unattended settings.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me?



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I would start with a clean XP source now that you are using 1.48.

winntbbu.dll is the file that gets deleted to create the "classic" look during setup; there's a chance a file got corrupted with your XP source.

So, copy all the files from a virgin XP disc into a temp directory, point nLite to that folder, and see if that's any better.

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