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I have some problem getting the program to work. :whistle:

I downloaded the program. setup the driver folder to "C:\DriversTest" in the config file and put in my hp c1160 driver files in the root of that directory.

I changed the language to danish in the wizard config file. I used autoit active window to check that it was the correct text i putin. then I startup the program.

put the usb cable from the printer in the computer and the "found new hardware" wizzard popup. I then go to "action" in the program an click "install missing drivers" but nothing realy happens. the "new hardware wizard" stays, and the program tells me that" There are no devices marked for removal. If you think this is an error correct config with proper problem ID's" hmm. I don't know what that means exackly. all I can see is that my hp device is still marked with a yellow mark inside my devicemanager. I use winxp sp3. and the newest version of pro-s installer.

please help. :wacko:

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