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n00b looking for help with nLite


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From what I read (google), the .Net framework can't be directly slipstreamed. Does anyone have an addon for it (1.1sp1, 2.0sp1 is what I'd need) or another way to automatically install it (via RUNONCE or something? not really sure how everything works, but I'm learning slowly)

as a sidenote, anybody know of some themes that look good and play nice with nLite, or where to get them? (all I seem to be able to find are windowblinds themes or .Msstyles themes which are part of a larger package that doesn't play nice - missing stuff - with generic uxtheme.dll patch.)

There was something else I was going to ask, but It seems to have slipped my mind :blink:

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Ok, thanks for the links. I'm going to try jd976's AIO svcpack addon first.

I remembered the other thing I was going to ask...

could someone point me to a YASU and DaemonScript addon (if they exist) and/or a -somewhat noob-friendly- guide on how to make addons


For the benefit to anyone using search to try and find these; the .net All-in-one I tried (from Radix's link) worked great! Also, I've created an addon for YASU (link). Thanks for your help!

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