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Windows 95 shell on Windows 98

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Patch that installs modified Windows 95 Explorer & shell, shell32 compatibility layer and some other related fixes / patches on a Windows 98 computer; Do not install this version on Windows 95. Not tested on Windows ME.

2008-07-11, based on Windows 98 Professional

Download: http://www.ctuser.net/download.php?win98pr...ws_98_0504a.exe

Patched files:


there were some issues with older shell32 replacement with shortcuts, maybe not required any more


from Windows 95. Comdlg32 from Windows 98 should work with the shell32 wrapper, except the toolbar does not work.


option for stretching wallpaper without IE


from Windows 95 explorer; 256 color systray icons and some other patches


added SHGetSpecialFolderPathA hint to ordinal AF (which is SHGetSpecialFolderPathA/W)); No longer associates grp files


From Windows 95 (?); fixes rare crashes when renaming/deleting shared folders.


option for transparent desktop icon labels


use shell95.dll instead of shell32.dll


use shell95.dll instead of shell32.dll (fixes the device class loading issue after startup (during Windows installation))


from Windows 95 OSR2, with lots of my shell updates;


shell32 wrapper; logs most calls to shell32.log in the windows temp dir. The huge size is because of the resources. Additionally supports all folder IDs from ME/XP is set properly in the regestry (folders will be created when using proper API/flags); Source (Flat assembler) available on demand.


the shell32 wrapper supports all relevant apis, so this stub dll redirects to shell32.


On first explorer instance, settings may be corrupted (splitter is complete right aligned);

welcome.exe deleted

some class InProcServer32 changed to shell95.dll

some class DefaultIcon changed to %11%\shell32.dll,%%

removed internet (explorer) icon from desktop (NoInternetIcon)

some explorer/shell settings reset (show all files, details view, ...)

Briefcase is not working

MyDocuments is not fully working

Task Scheduler seems to work, however the tray icon is not shown on startup.

In case you have completely removed Internet Explorer, you cannot open CHM files, and some programs (dialogs) will not run.

If you need a stripped version which (mostly) solves this issues, contact me.

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