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Like to Use WPI, Need Help!

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:hello: Hi all,

I have read and leaned much from the community on this site and My many thanks for everyones efforts ! I love to customize my desktop and GUI. This of course leads to my reinstalling OS and Apps often. I use nLite ( Thank you Nihi !! :thumbup ) what a useful program. learning by hands on has many draw backs which has bought me to write my first post. The help I need is your opinions on the easiest way for a beginner to start scripting. Is their a beginner's guide ? On-line Book, some resource that anyone knows of ? That works well for Noobs? I would like to use WPI but , I do not have a foundation to start from and all the help I have been able to find is not detailed enough for a beginner like me. I also looked at Autoit 3 but don't know where to start their either. I just want to start with things like, where programs install, pre registration, custom ico's, etc. during install of custom XP_CD. Hopefully there is a simple way to start and someone would be kind enough too help !! If I am asking for something that is not permitted on the forum, sorry :blushing: and PM me.

Thanks for your help!!! :thumbup nu_duster

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Best place to start is right here in the MSFN. There is a very nice tutorial in the unattended section that should be the starting point for all administrators (stuff they don't teach in Microsoft Certification Courses). Link below.

MSFN Unattended

As for the programming, any of the "Teach Yourself" series is good for an overview but nothing takes the place of diving in on a project and making mods yourself, leaning on friends in the forums for expert advice, and lets not leave out or forget to search for the answers first before taking up the moderators time to answer...nothing more frustrating than answering the same questions over and over when the info is in help files or forum topics.

Good luck!

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