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Unattended Wireless Install

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I have created a nearly complete unanttended XP SP3 install, the only thing left is connect to my wlan when installing (in RunOnceEx I belive would be best).

After a lot of searching "everywhere" I can't fin anything that gives me a clue to how to do this. Tried capture (in wise), but that didn't help.

If anyone can tell me how to do this, I would appreciate this. (Or confirm that it's not possible...). This is mainly to get my AV autoupdated. Can use wired network, but that is not always available where I work.

I do have Macro Scheduler, which I think can help me, but I can't find the program/dll who shows the dialogbox for 'View Wireless Networks". If I can get this box on screen, I think I can create a macro and compile this to an exe... How can I get this dialog on screen by cmd-line (rundll....???)

I would also like to connect my BT-mouse automatically, but I'm not sure how to - if possible.

Both these things are related to one particular laptop, not to be used for many computers....

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