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  1. Love this program, works perfect - always. Thanks Nuhi! One thing I would like very much is using wildcards when selecting addons. That way you could just put addons in folder(s), and use the same preset.... It was a request sometime ago, but it has not been implemented...(?) http://www.msfn.org/board/nlite-v101-hotfi...amp;hl=wildcard Edit: It would be nice if nLite remembered last used addon folder too ;-)
  2. First of all; Great Program! Is there a problem when running this via RunOnceEx? (Strange if it is..) When I run manually it works perfectly, but runnning via RunOnceEx, the setup seems to start and then it just stops.... Command-line: "F:\Install\MSOffice2003\SETUP.exe" /qb-! TRANSFORMS="F:\Install\MSOffice2003\OfficeEN.MST" I've tried different cmd-line alternatives, except one without specifying transform. When I ran this earlier with "original" setup all worked well... Anyone who got it to work,- and how?
  3. I have created a nearly complete unanttended XP SP3 install, the only thing left is connect to my wlan when installing (in RunOnceEx I belive would be best). After a lot of searching "everywhere" I can't fin anything that gives me a clue to how to do this. Tried capture (in wise), but that didn't help. If anyone can tell me how to do this, I would appreciate this. (Or confirm that it's not possible...). This is mainly to get my AV autoupdated. Can use wired network, but that is not always available where I work. I do have Macro Scheduler, which I think can help me, but I can't find the program/dll who shows the dialogbox for 'View Wireless Networks". If I can get this box on screen, I think I can create a macro and compile this to an exe... How can I get this dialog on screen by cmd-line (rundll....???) I would also like to connect my BT-mouse automatically, but I'm not sure how to - if possible. Both these things are related to one particular laptop, not to be used for many computers....
  4. Great program! Slipstreamed SP3 + hotfixes and all seems fine, but when I run setup and have one (1) mst-file in root, I still get question if I want to run custom install. Please tell me how to use a mst-file in completely silent mode. Have tried some switches but none of them are working....
  5. Check General->Performance->Do not cache thumbnails Thanks. This one must have been hiding itself on my computer.. The program works perfect here with me - once again!
  6. Can someone help me with how to create a addon that replace files shell32.dll, msgina.dll & explorer.exe? Have different files for different computers, so this would be nice,- instead of replacing them in the source. Maybe this can be done in the same addons that replaces nt*.exe for new boot screen (Vista RTM Bootscreen) for SP2? Can't find info on this (that I understand fully), so help would be very welcome...
  7. Love this tool! Thanks... If you could find the time to add a couple more tweaks, I would love it even more.. ; - ) (don't) Display simple folder view,- HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced - FriendlyTree Do not cache thumbnails,- HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced - Disable Thumbnailcache Hate these, and always disables them with a reg-file, but would be better in nLite.... Will try the new version as soon as possible, it will probably be OK - as usual.
  8. but it flooey, This should work, no registry key. Are you sure you did it corectly? You could try to create a bat file that copy the files, start it from RunOnce
  9. Create folder $oem$\$$\system32 in the 'cd root' and put oeminfo.txt and oemlogo.bmp there. Files in this folder will be copied when you install. A nice guide to unattended installation can be found at http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp
  10. Thanks for quick answers. I'll check out the inf-file(s). It's actually 9.2Mb added, and it grew by 1,23Gb. Strange, very strange. Mounted the image again, to check for "unwanted" files/folders, but it seems to be "clean". I will give it another try. Probably a hickup or something I add one folder in the root (with subfolders), there are some icons and wallpapers and a couple of small programs in Program Files, and shortcuts for those in the start-menu. Will vLite remove these files? They are not "related" to any MS-stuff.... Edit: It seems to be a hickup here too, some id*** renamed the folder and didn't change the xml-file I'll kill him when I find out who he is... I also tried to add drivers by using WAIK and followed instructions from Firegrier, but I always get error : .... .... Pkgmgr: Install Drivers Offline Callback: ERROR: Failed to find driver packages at 'D:\Vista\Drivers' (Error code (HRESULT) 0x80070003.) ..... It's the same folders I use in vLite, and the same folders I use if installing manually, by locating driver in Devicemanager or by running setup... This is not a big thing, it's just ATI & Creative that is the problem, all others seem to be fine Nuhi, I hope you plan to add som tweaking possibility. That is a lot of work, but a shortcut to that would be a page to run programs like bat-files & reg-files.
  11. I use vLite to add hotfixes and to do some mod of things I do not want to have. Great program! I found that I can add files and folders to the image by mounting it, copying files and folders to the mount-dir and commit to save the image. When I mounted the image it was like 1,5Gb, after i added the files and folders it grew to about 2,7Gb. The files/folders I added was max 20Mb. It's just some small stuff I always add to the disk after installing. So the questions are: 1. Is this the MS way of saving install.wim or did I do something wrong. (I can't see what I did wrong by mounting/unmounting & commit....) 2. If I add these files/folders before using vLite, they will not be removed by vLite? and one more: I got "error" - driver not signed problem - using ATI 7.11 driver in vLite, (earlier post - Nuhi will look into that, probably already found the problem ), but I believe drivers can be added in WAIK also and if so, will this be without "error" when installing?
  12. I read somewhere, can't remember where, that the autounattended.xml file sometimes must be in the sources catalog for this to work. Have not had the time to test it yet. Maybe you have tried this already......
  13. It's not a big problem, I normally install ATI control panel and creative apps after install and installing the drivers at the same time is OK, but it is nice to have everything working when the install is finished. I did two packages, one with just apply and another with rebuild. The "rebuild package" was the one with error, the "apply package" did not show this error. When i build packages in vLite on a computer with Vista, it often gives an error, and if I play music while using vLite, it crashes the computer (freezes), (and twice I had to reinstall the catalyst driver! ).... But when i use XP it works perfectly. This must be a Vista problem, but I cannot find out what the problem is. I have a brand new Abit IX38 QUADGT MB, 4Gb RAM and 2x2600HD (crossfire). Edit: The screen went blank with me too on the last install....
  14. Downloaded newest drivers and integrate them in vLite, but get error on unsigned driver. This is Catalyst 7.11 & creative X-fi gamer, Tried to grab drivers and use those, but same error. When drivers are installed manually, there is no error. Is there a way around this - in vLite?
  15. Running vLite I first choose what OS to use. I choose vista business, and do some modifications, rebuild and create ISO, and it installs automatcally. But the last time I did this, a new screen shows before the partitioning screen, asking me to confirm Vista Business as OS, and it's only this OS I can choose, then it continues and everything seems OK. Can anyone tell me why this is happening? If there is something I have done wrong, or..?
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