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Vista Install Fails after being vLited..


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I Took a machine with a clean install of Vista, Installed WAIK, Daemon Tools, vLite and copied the entire contents of a Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 Original DVD to a folder called D:\VISTA OEM SP1

I went through all the vLite Vista options, components, tweaks and configured how I wanted it. I also dowloaded & extracted the driver files for the Video & Audio from Acer told vLite to use those.

So I create my ISO using Vlite and burn it to a DVD. I then boot up the computer and delete my C: Partition and reformat it in NTFS using Acronis Disk Director. Then I boot up the PC with the freshly made vLite Vista SP1 Business DVD and answer the first few questions about what partition to use, etc. The installation begins and it gets to Step 2 (Installing Windows) with the green status bar at bottom showing about 60% at which point the installation FAILS with the following message:

"Installation was canceled. Windows could not update the computer's boot configuration. Installation cannot proceed."

WTF? Why was installation canceled, I didn't cancel it. Why can't it update the computer's boot configuration, it was writing to the C: drive just fine and the PC is new!?

Any ideas here? If I stick in the original Vista Ultimate SP1 DVD, of course the install goes fine, so what gives?

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I tried again, but this time I did not make any tweaks, removals or additions. I hit apply and told it to 'build' single version (which is Business) and then make .ISO. I used my own burning program to burn the ISO and it installed fine from that disk.

So it seems like some kind of bug in vLite that changes something the Vista installer doesn't like, however I don't know exactly what it is..

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