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Background intelligent transfer service not scheduling jobs in round-r

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Hello friends,

BITS (background intelligent transfer service) is not scheduling jobs correctly. I am creating some concurrent jobs and their priorities are at the same level. As per the BITS documentation, the following should happen


"...The job moves between the queued, connecting, and transferring states until BITS transfers all files in the job. At that point, the job moves to the transferred state. BITS uses round-robin scheduling to schedule jobs that are at the same priority level. Each job is given a slice of time to process its files. If the job does not complete during its time slice, the job goes back to the queued state and the next job in the queue is activated. This prevents large jobs from blocking smaller jobs. Jobs are processed largely on a first in, first out (FIFO) basis; however, BITS cannot guarantee FIFO processing because of round-robin scheduling, job errors, and service restarts...."

But BITS is transferrring jobs serially in my case. It is not time slicing - nothing. It first completes one job entirely and only then picks up the next jobSad What I want is the normal BITS round robin scheduling.

If any of you has faced this problem, please get back to me - I am really stuck with this headache. There is not much support for BITS on web. Your pointers will be really appreciated.


Murtaza Tinwala

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