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Vistapack 2.6 released


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@CBC , if only you would have waited for me to fix it for ya, instead of trying to figure it out...

i am sorry man, really i am...

but i am still curious about which error it gave you...

and yeah, mara is right, it would f*** it up more man.

so or you just wait for windows update to update the files. which will revert it back...

or you reinstall the pack, knowing you can never ever get your old XP back, but atleast you have a nice look on your PC.

thats all man :(

i cant offer you anymore help, sorry...

@Mara, oh thats cool man, to bad :P


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No worries. I should have written down the error msg in the first place & asked the question then, before trying to muck around with it .

I seem to be having some weird ACPI issues (XP won't shut down on command , just restarts again)

so I need to wipe the drive anyways & start over, so THIS time I will patch my XP CD with VistaPack first, then just not use the custom font.

Love the transparent taskbar! Cheers for the nice job on this! :thumbup

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Damian, I've been wondering if it would be possible to download the original bitmap (desktop background) WITHOUT the "Windows 2000 Professional" (or any other) logo ?

I love the image and would like to use it on a windows 98 box I'm rebuilding for my wife. I suppose one could remove or blurr the logo by doctoring the image somehow in a painting program, but I'm really nothing close to an artist, no more so with electronic brushes !

The image is needed for personal use on my computer(s). Would there be copyright problems ?


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no man, its a wallpaper from m$, there you can also download it :D


Ah, good thing then. Apologies for being so dense, that bitmapped image doesn't seem to come with Win 2k Pro.

Where then am I supposed to be able to download it from ? MS websites are so vast and hopelessly unbrowsable for content where you don't have a download URL :=(

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Decided to leave things as is & just put up w/ my PSU shutoff issue, so no-reinstall at this time.

I gotta say Damian, this VistaPack is SWEEET looking! Everything just POPs now. Very nice! :hello:

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alright, well having to keep manually shut down my PC each time finally got to me, so last night I wiped the drive & reinstalled my Nlited XP Pro/SP3 & got my ACPI working correctly.

I also re-installed VistaPack BEFORE any A/V interference, patched, selected extras, and rebooted, all good.

AND I read thru the Helpfile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I CAN run the Patcher, but ONLY if I turn off my Avast Home Edition (free) A/V first. I tried to write a rule to exculde the vistapack.exe, so I no longer get the virus warning, but now get this error

I would really like to avoid having to pay for a/v if possible . Any way to get a workaround?


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well, due to the scriptlanguage i use, you wont have a choice, dont use vistapack reloader, or get a good AV :D

now if you really dont want to spend any money...

i am sure there other ways to get a AV for free...

but thats all up to you...

i dont support that, and neither does MSFN, but hee...

its your PC, and you decide what to do with it :D


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pffffffffffff, now i am getting really tired of this s***...

there is no virus in the pack, its made in autoit, which is flagged as a virus, its called a false positive...

instead of posting crap like this, you should first think about it...

or even try it out on virustotal, then if your still convinced of a virus, you can post...

just get a good AV, only stupid free AV's flag autoit as a virus...


btw, you didnt even read the above dialog we just had man...

there you could see it was told allready...

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