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only print in a shared printer with admin autorization


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Hello people.

I share my printer with 12 pc's in a lan. Is there any application that can control the printer acess

ex: when printing from any computer it will appear a window (in the computer that as the shared printer) that a can permit or denie the print.

Hpe someone can help me

PS: I wast lot of paper because the print

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You can make it pop up a window when printing which you can then cancel. But if you're not quick it'll print anyway. Sorry, I'm not sure of any software to do what you want.

Another idea may be to workaround this issue another way. Instead of sharing your printer access, just install a .pdf 'printer' such as CutePDF. When the other users go to print, it will instead offer to save the output (same as what it would've printed) as a .pdf file. They can then save/copy the file into a shared folder then you can check it to see if you want it to print.

Another thought is you may be able to just allow some (trusted) users to install the printer. I'm not 100% but I think you can set permissions on printers.

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Thanks for the help.

The pdf printer is a nice idea. I think i will do that.

I will make a shared folder in the desktop of all my pc's then the client will save the pdf to the folder, and i will see it in my computer and then print if i want.

Thanks ;)

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You're most welcome. Glad I could help. It may be easier to get them to all save it to a shared folder on your PC with the printer instead, so then you only have to check one folder. Good luck with it.

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