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USB booting to either DOS or WinPE2


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Hey all !

I am having serious headaches trying to figure out how to create a light bootable usb to boot to DOS or WinPE2. I have some tools that require a autoit support (winpe) and others that require DOS, so i really could use this. I have been trying to use syslinux, but getting no where quick. I tried to run syslinux from dos on the usb drive and it becomes not bootable. I would use the multiboot.cmd usb option presented by another user in this forum, but it is way over the top than what i need and i would really like to learn how to use syslinux. Any help is MUCH appreciated.

I have WinXP with several VmWare virtual machines (DOS,Vista,etc. ), so I should be able to get the files I need to create this. I I also have several 4G USB sticks.

Thanks again in advance for the assistance


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Easier would be to use grub4dos instead of syslinux.

Syslinux relies on bootsectors to boot different systems, grub4dos can directly chainload loaders or system files.

Instead of using the "full fledged" USB Multiboot, just read the howto and get what you need:


If you are determined to use syslinux, use this tutorial:



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