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Acrobat Standard 7.1 update creates 2nd WinSXS on D:\!


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Hello all,

I just installed the recently released Acrobat 7.1 update (guess nobody was expecting that anymore) and afterwards I realized that my D:\ partition (which holds the profiles Dir) contained a second WinSXS folder with one policy entry.

What's up with that? Can Windows handle TWO WinSXS folders? I copied the policy into the original (and vica versa all policies from the original to D:\) but it appears actually that a few policies of our domain here are not enforced anymore (Windows Classic look is no more mandatory).

Before I thought that the two-partition setup (with profiles on D:\) created a problem with our WSUS and AD, since I added the domain admin group in the local user account at the same time, but on other PCs that had no bad effect. Just the Acrobat 7.1 update seems to have created the folder.

Has anybody heard of this strange problem? Does anybody know if this IS actually a problem at all?



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