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hotfixes won't install


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Most likely you have then downloaded the wrong version of the hotfix. Unless you have removed some components which makes the install process fail to determine properly what operating system is running, tho i dont believe this is the case here.

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No idea if this relates to your situation. In my case I am rebuilding my main desktop with new processor and os etc...

Since I havn't gotten to backing up my drives yet, I am running nLite on my laptop.

I had several updates for WinXP Pro X64 which would not integrate.

nLite reported something like update not supported.

I tried to manualy integrate them and the error is much more clear.

Update.exe is not a valid 32 bit application.

Conclusion in my case, the target nlite system is 64bit, the update even for integration expected a 64 bit Processor and OS.

Unfortunately my laptop is only 32 bit Processor.

Anyhow, your situation probably is different, but if you are sure you have the right updates etc, it may be a similar quirk where host and target systems are different and cannot be run or refuses to run.

My solution ended up being installing a old 6GB HD temporarily in my target computer and installing without the broken updates then nliteing again over network to my laptops HD.

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