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Hex-editing SETUPLDR.BIN


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I want tu update my old successful DVD project (XP SP2 + 2003 1st edition + couple of other rescue things). I've replaced 2k3 version + slipstreamed the newest Service Packs. Now I've got combination: XP SP3 + 2k3 R2 SP2, all 32-bit. And here is the part, I'm not sure what to do = SETUPLDR.BIN hex-edit..... Instructions for 2k3 SP1 + x64 editions pointing to transform 74 03 > EB 1A.

2k3 R2 SP2 = I see in hex editor exactly these values (74 03). I only want to be sure, editing is still valid for R2 version. I've seen users having problems, error "NTDETECT Failed":


XP SP3 = Setupldr.bin is different. Previous XP didn't require editing. The same applicable regardless of SP version? Question comes, because I've seen this topic:



Well. I managed. And success :).

XP SP3: First, it wasn't booting = error "USBEHCI.SYS not found". Obviously file was in bootfolder, but the name was in lowercase = I've changed to UPPER and everything went fine. XP SP3 smoothly installed. I've created bootfolder using automatic method from sticky. All files were UPPER except this one :lol:

2003 R2 SP2: followed normal method (74 03 edit). Windows is booting fine.

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i made your same steps for w2k + slipstreamed sp2 but it stuks at "setup is verifying your hardware..."

can you attach your cracked setupldr.bin?


solved putting boot folder at the beginning of dvd

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