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A Few Questions


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Hi to all.

Ive just done my first nlite CD for XP Pro SP3 with Laptop drivers. worked a dream !!!!!.

What a A1 application this is and a credit to all of you that have helped develop this.

but a number of questions.

1. all KB are easy to locate and add but i have a number of hardware updates that i now want to inclue from windows update, I thought id easly be able to obtain it from the softwaredistribution folder and incoporate them into nlite, but i cant.

2. Let me make this one pretty clear im not asking for any Warez etc. But im forever re installing my own version of XP Pro, and that bloody activation !!!, then get on the phone, and regiser, cause it wont download some updates untill its registered.

3. And im on a WiFi conection and use a passkey can i incoporate a key into the nlite iso

I suppose its pretty basic for u guys 1. where can i find my updates (i thought it was in the softwaredistribution) and can i incoporate a "validated" XP Pro installation with nlite for my laptop only.

PM me if you would perfer.

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